2 years!! what?

today marks a 2 year time lapse! of this blog! what? time really does fly! i can’t believe it is exactly 2 years since i last wrote in here! actually, yes i can! little boys are a lot of work! 🙂 but so worth it:) today while we were driving my little alien t-rex was looking out the window and he said, broken, referring to the trees. we had a pretty bad ice storm in December 2013, and a lot of the trees around here are split or “broken”:( so then i said to him, yes, the trees are broken from the ice storm. and he said, Hug. he wants to hug the trees. i think i’m doing ok at being a mommy:) OK, so…on to the knitting:) I have so much to talk about, but first things first! I went on a little knitting retreat!

it was the first time i was away from my little tree-hugger, and i missed him a ton, but i also had a great time!

Spruce Hollow Farms

Spruce Hollow Farms

i found the information for the retreat on ravelry, check out this link. however, if you are not a member of ravelry (and why aren’t you?) then here is the link to Judy’s website for Spruce Hollow Farms. navigating her website will give you more detailed information about accommodations, but here are some quick ones, there is wi-fi available (free), all meals are included for your retreat stay, and there are a few fireplaces throughout the home to enjoy, as well as a nice garden outside during warmer weather.

now, details. this was the perfect retreat for me at this time. it allowed me to “get away” without having to drive too far, or get on a plane, and i wasn’t gone for too long. i didn’t have to do any cleaning or cooking. i didn’t have to worry about anyone else, which, sounds selfish, but honestly, it was nice for a change:) and i’m sure i’m not the only one out there who daydreams of that occasionally! i was looking for a relaxing weekend where i could knit as much as i wanted, and that is what i got. mostly. i say mostly because i foolishly planned this during a final exam period. so i did spend some time away from the other retreat goers while i finished up a class. i learned a big lesson there. wait until the class is over so you can enjoy All The Knitting Time!

when i arrived late friday afternoon, there were already a few other people there, and we all sat in the kitchen drinking wine and eating appetizers. i hadn’t expected that and it was nice after driving for 3 hours. then Judy served dinner, which she cooked, and it was delicious! also, dinner was served in the dining room, which was set up really fancy:) i mean, we had individual bowls with salt and little spoons. silly that this is something that really caught my attention, but i thought it was so neat. and i couldn’t help but think of downton abbey:)

the entire weekend judy cooked all of our meals, and a few of us walked away with some new recipes, which is always nice. so again, no cooking or cleaning, just relaxing with knitting, which made for a great weekend! but to top if off, not only was the food delicious, the room accommodations were nice as well. i slept really well for the first time in months. the bed was comfortable and i woke up each day feeling refreshed!

i would highly recommend staying with Judy at her farm for a knitting retreat if you are anywhere near the area, or even if you aren’t and would like to get away!

i hope to start writing on at least a weekly basis, so stay tuned for some knitting!! if anyone is still reading:)

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