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it goes to 11…my brain power that is

i read a lot of blogs, magazines, and books on the subject of knitting. i also listen to podcasts about knitting. i am kind of obsessed. i also like to cook. with knitting…most people would probably agree that 11:00 at … Continue reading

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how one gets suckered

we are planning a trip to austria this week and today we went shopping! i have been wanting to get dana a new jacket for christmas (for snowboarding) but i was not confident that i would pick something he would … Continue reading

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let it snow

a few weeks ago i had a little giveaway on my blog. i’m part of a group on ravelry called the blog hub. there are several cool things about this group, including the blog hub swap, but also it is … Continue reading

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one haruni down, one to go

i was finally able to get some good pictures. or so i thought. i took cujo out for his morning business and the sun was shining, and the snow was glittering…i thought, perfect! i’ll take a few pictures. i got … Continue reading

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note to self

there is probably not going to be a world wide shortage of this stuff…so there really is no reason or need to have 17 cans of it in my kitchen, where space is already limited. i didn’t know about this … Continue reading

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they call it mellow yellow

a close up of something i have been working on for almost 6 months: i put a lot of thought into this gift. i purchased the yarn in italy for my nana, who is italian, and yellow is her favorite … Continue reading

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dinner anyone?

there has been quite a bit of snow here lately. just enough to make it necessary to shovel the driveway more than once or twice a day. and once you are done shoveling, it sometimes snows enough that you need … Continue reading

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