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and the NEW winner is…

i’m getting a little fed up with wordpress at the moment…the last time i posted something it ate a paragraph in the middle. this time…it ate the entire middle part. here is attempt #2. on a whim i decided to … Continue reading

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lazy saturday

i’ve been looking forward to spending a quiet day at home just knitting all week. today is that day:) i really enjoy knitting. i think it is my favorite thing, as far as hobbies go. i like to run, read, … Continue reading

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off the charts!

i just cast on the oscilloscope shawl (by kate gagnon osborn), from the knitscene  fall 2010 issue. i’m using berroco lustra, in 3156 triomphe teal. i knit a lot of items in the round (socks for one) and i frequently … Continue reading

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wrappity wrap wrap…

I’ve been working on the wrought iron knee socks shown here. But when I got to the heel turn, I screwed up. I started the heel turn yesterday morning. I re-worked it a few times throughout the day. I kept … Continue reading

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progress report:)

I’ve finished 3 projects, and started on one more. Whoo-hoo! First, I finished the scarf I was making for the man in the basement. I totally changed it up though. Both my husband and I had pretty bad jet lag … Continue reading

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spoiled rotten

Is it sad that I have one post dedicated just to the yarn shopping I did on my trip? No, not at all:) I feel pretty lucky:) I can also look at it like this…I don’t ever have a reason … Continue reading

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catching up

so writing that title, reminds me of Catching Up with Depeche Mode…anyone else? it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything here…so much has been going on. an overview…i had a lot of school work to do before taking off … Continue reading

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