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it’s faster!

knitting 2×1 ribbing with a cable every 10 rows goes so much faster than following a lace chart…of course, i like following lace charts because there is more to think about when you are knitting, right? anyway, turns out this … Continue reading

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i’ve been working on the devon socks, using some wollmeise, and…i’m just not happy with how they are turning out. i just did the heel flap and turned the heel, and i’m just not digging the pattern + the yarn. … Continue reading

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taking the plunge

I am finally using some of the Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20 Twin that I picked up in the awesome sale last year, in what I think mayyyyy  be the Kuerbis colorway? But don’t quote me on that. I have been wanting to post … Continue reading

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happy new year ya’ll

i’m a day late. oh well. one of my resolutions, is not to worry about the small stuff like tardiness…unless it counts for something. of course, you could say this is a family trait…tardiness:) on my father’s side in particular. … Continue reading

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