addi-turbo lace VS. hiya-hiya sharp needles

happy wednesday:) to check out what everyone else is working on today, head on over to tami’s amis and other creations for wip wednesday:)

this is just one of my wips. one i cast on late last night. i have a few in the works right now, but after reading this blog post, i got the idea to knit myself a shawl that i can use as a cover-up while breast feeding. i wanted something quick (anticipated arrival date of my little alien t-rex is next week!) but large enough to do the job. i took all day to make up my mind and i settled on this pattern, Catenacy by Kiersten Brandt. i wanted to use stash yarn since i want this right now, right now, so i’m using knitpicks shimmer hand dyed lace yarn held doubled, in the blue glass colorway. i bought this back in 2009, so i figured i might as well put it to use. however…i’m not thrilled with how the shawl is turning out, and i’m not thrilled with how the pattern is written. i’m using someone else’s mods on ravelry (noted on my project page here), but i’m thinking that this may not be dense enough to actually cover anything…but we shall see. i have a plan b, which i need to order yarn for, just in case this doesn’t work out. in the end, at least i’ll have something pretty to either keep or give away, regardless of whether it works for what i want right?

among my works-in-progress is a baby blanket (click here for pics and info) made out of wollmeise:) i’m very happy with how it is turning out and i’m on my 8th square out of 25, not bad since i started this at the beginning of the month! however, i was getting slightly irritated with my needle choice. clicking on the pictures below gives a better image, i apologize for not making the font bigger when i edited these pictures đŸ˜¦

i’m using 2 circulars to knit each square and i started with 1 16″ addi-turbo lace interchangeable and 1 24″ addi-turbo lace fixed needle. i love the fixed needles, the interchangeable’s…not so much. the tips don’t seem to be very pointy (which is the point for lace needles right? excuse the pun). the fixed addi-turbo lace needles are slightly pointer though. however, i don’t own a whole bunch of those. and the set of addi-turbo lace interchangeable needles i purchased i got for a steal (about $100) so i feel that i shouldn’t complain too much. however…i wouldn’t recommend these. i would rather have spent that $100 on buying a slew of hiya-hiya sharp needles:)

i heard about these on the knitgirllls video-podcast a few episodes back. i have several hiya-hiya circular needles for sock knitting, so i thought, sure i’ll give these new hiya-hiya needles a try for the baby blanket. and i love them. i definitely compare them to being the same (if not better) than the addi-turbo lace fixed circular needles. for 1/2 the price! i paid $16 for my addi-turbo lace fixed needle shown in the pictures, and only $8.50 for the hiya-hiya sharp fixed circular needle.

besides the issue with the tips of the addi-lace interchangeable needles, there is the issue of the two joins. my yarn keeps getting caught on the cable join and sometimes on the needle tip join. not cool. i don’t have any issues with yarn catching on the fixed circular joins, which is to be expected, but added in with the needle tips of the hiya-hiya sharps being as good as, if not better, than the addi-turbo fixed lace needles, why spend $16 on one set when you can almost get 2 sets for that price?

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9 Responses to addi-turbo lace VS. hiya-hiya sharp needles

  1. Andria says:

    A shawl for breast feeding is a great idea. I always used a boring old blanket, you at least can be stylish! I think the yarn is pretty, I hope you end up happy with it. I liked your info about needles, I use boring bog standard cheapy ones, so when I upgrade it is good to have info!

  2. Kate says:

    I tried the Hiya-Hiya Sharps a few projects back and LOVED them. My Knit Picks interchangeable are my favorite needles of all time, but if I had to choose a 2nd favorite it would be these. I like them way better than my Addis!

  3. Good luck for next week! Love the idea of the shawl!

    I too am a Knit Pro (Knit Picks) fan. I absolutely adore my set. I bought the sample set to try out the wood, acrylic and metal tips. I almost tend to favour the acrylic, which is strange as I thought I definitely wouldn’t!


  4. kiwiyarns says:

    Catenacy looks lovely! I knitted the Falling Waters Shawl for my sister ( I liked the length of it, and I think I’ll find something similar for the next shawl I knit. Interesting info about the needles! I love Hiya Hiya needles too. Best wishes for the safe arrival of your little alien t-rex!

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this comparison! I LOVE pointy needles. I’ve never knit with Hiya hiya. I’m currently trying to build a signature stiletto collection. Now I’m curious to try something new!

  6. What a lovely color for the shawl! I love the idea of using it for breast feeding. Best wishes for a happy and healthy little one.

  7. Next time I purchase needles I will definitely be buying some Hiya Hiyas. This post was fun and different for you. And very informative!

    This is one of the many reasons I have nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award!

  8. elcue says:

    i really like my Addi fixed circulars because they are so slick and the cables are so flexible. However, when I decided to buy interchangeables, I went with the HiyaHiya set because they go down to size US2. Turns out they are terrific, and much less costly than Addis. The cables are nice and flexible. The needles are not as slick as Addis, but slick enough. The joins are perfectly smooth and have never loosened in several months of daily use.
    I am now adding the HiyaHiya sharp tips to my collection.

  9. Karen Tsutsumida says:

    I never knit with the regular tip Addi changeables but went with the lace tip, I can’t imagine anything better and wouldn’t use anything but a lace tip. I love the length of the taper over what I am seeing on the Hiya Hiya which is a much shorter taper, it really makes a difference to have that longer point I think. Just an opinion.

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