I am a happily married girl living in Germany with my husband, and our yorkie. I am addicted to knitting, as well as the purchasing of yarn. When I am not working on my degree I enjoy spending time with my family, and knitting, preferably simultaneously (although the needles can get in the way sometimes, as well as the yarn. Did you know puppies like yarn almost as much as kittens?). I also enjoy reading, exercising, and some other stuff, but the main focus of this blog is my adventures in knitting.


One Response to moi

  1. Roberta says:

    The gullwings turned out really great!! I commend you on your challenge to finish ten items as well. I think you should start figuring out NOW how you can knit a house; that way by the time you’re ready to do it, you can have the plans all done. The kitchen may be tricky because it will have to be fire-proof and water-proof, and of course you will have to have several Yarn Storage Rooms – maybe even a separate Yarn Barn out back where you store everything and have a special knitting room with space for all the unfinished projects and the WIPs, knitting magazines, a big screen TV for Knit Night on Skype and podcast viewing, and a refrigerator for cupcakes and Coronas..

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