yarn along cinq!

i’m interrupting my promised “more on knit nation” to write a little bit about reading and knitting today.

reading and knitting:)

i started reading freedom a while ago, and i was really into it, but then it got a little boring for my taste, so it went into hibernation for a little bit. i really want to finish it though, so it is back in rotation (i have a few other books i’m reading at the moment as well). the reason i originally set this book aside is because walter, one of the characters, bores me to death. i like his viewpoint to an extent, but i also think he is a little nutso. he is super into pushing his idea of population control and that is kind of…strange in my opinion. i mean, i get what he is saying, but…he just seems to be a little extreme in his views.

speaking of extreme views…i checked out Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology, by Eric Brende. and…yeah, here is another guy with extreme views, in my opinion…obviously. i have gotten to page 14 in the book and i don’t think i’ll finish it. i even had to look up this book online to see if any of the reviews were in line with what i was getting from this book. this guy writes in a way that just…annoys me. every time i pick the book up (i’ve given it 3 shots) i put it down because it agitates me. his writing style is one of the main problems for me. but his ideas are also…a little too much. the idea of this book intrigued me. a guy and his family spend a year without using technology. cool. but his viewpoint on technology is that basically all technology is bad and it is ruining the human race. i disagree. i think there are definitely ways to balance out one’s life with technology and not rely on it to the point where you are no longer thinking for yourself. also, the way he describes his wife is like she is some fairy tale elf. it is odd. ok, end of rant.

besides reading freedom, i was also lucky enough to get a copy of ysolda teague’s newest book, little red in the city. this book is Awesome. there is  a ton of information in the first half. the idea of the book is to help you to customize your knits to fit your body, and ysolda goes into great (in plain english) detail about how to do this. there are also 7 patterns in the book, which is a great bonus, but i was really happy with all of the information provided as well. also, when you buy the book, you get an electronic version, AND each pattern is its own file, so if you scratch off the silver in the back of the book, and enter your code, you get 14 downloadable files. which is super cool. you can load just what you need, or print just what you need, and have the entire book as one file too. i thought this was pretty genius of her:)

i also read the help, by kathryn stockett about a week ago, and this book was really well written and interesting to read. this is another book that i heard about through reading some of the yarn along posts over the past few months, and it was so good, i couldn’t stop reading it.

last but not least, the knitting. of course i have a few wips at the moment, but i had to start this as soon as i got back from knit nation. it is so warm looking. peaks island hood, by ysolda teague. i’m knitting it in fyberspates scrumptious aran, which i picked up at the tall yarns ‘n tales booth at knit nation:) i’m a little further along than this picture, but i have a ton of seed stitch to go before i get to the hood part of this scarf:)

 small things hosts this every wednesday, and i really love participating. take a look at what everyone else is reading and knitting:)

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7 Responses to yarn along cinq!

  1. gracey says:

    I saw Little Red and it looks like a great book, but haven’t purchased it yet…..I’ve walked by Freedom in the bookstore a lot, but just never interested me…

    Nice start on the peaks island hood…

  2. Anna Wallis says:

    I have one of Ysoldas books in electronic version and forgot all about it!!! ha ha ha!!!! I think I might need to print it out and put in a binder to remind me when I am scouring books for something new to knit. This hood looks incredible. Cant wait to zip over to ravelry and look it up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Gotta get Little Red in the City. Love it! Started reading The Help today.

  4. Mags says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying LRitC!

  5. Meadow says:

    Little Red in the City sounds like a fun book. Perhaps I’ll look into it when my skills improve.

    A population control nut would seriously irk me too.

  6. KnitterInPink says:

    Thanks for the book recommendations!

  7. iMadeItSo says:

    mmm books and knitting 🙂 i just finished the help as well. then i watched the movie. they were both good but obviously so many details were excluded or just skimmed over in the movie. i think i’ll take a peek at little red in the city.

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