knit nation!!! part 1

so the excitement i had for this event is still with me:) it was a Great day:) saturday morning i was so excited to get up and start the day. because we were staying in the dorms at imperial college, breakfast was included with our room. and breakfast just happened to be in the room Next to the Knit Tea Salon:) we headed to breakfast early and i’m really glad we did. it was very crowded between the “regular people” staying there, and all the knitters/crocheters who had gathered in the same location. and the breakfast really wasn’t that good. it kind of reminded me of the year i spend deployed in iraq…ick. or, the time i spent 6 1/2 weeks in basic training. basically, any time i had to eat in a military chow hall. i had sauteed mushrooms and hashbrowns for breakfast, but it was really cold, and therefore, not really good:( but i didn’t really care because i knew i was about to get some yarn shopping in:) and meet sophia:) and take a class with cookie a! and then later play bingo for charity! so, first things first, the marketplace!

while waiting for the marketplace to open, i sat in the knit tea salon, right next to ysolda teague’s area:) which was awesome:) not only did i go crazy and buy all 3 of her books (whimsical little knits, whimsical little knits 2, and little red in the city), but i also got to try on one of her designs and get a picture with her.

i was so excited i wasn't looking at the camera 😦

and she signed all 3 books. she was just as sweet as i imagined she would be. and i have already cast on for one of the projects in whimsical little knits 2, peaks island hood.

next, a walk around the marketplace. with 36 vendors/booths to check out, it was crowded:) there were so many beautiful yarns to see, and i tried my best to walk by all the booths before making a purchase, and i failed. it was overwhelming. i came away with approximately 36 skeins of yarn! plus some gifts:) it was really amazing.

sophia and i met up for a bit and wandered around the marketplace, and also sat in the knit tea salon for a few, but i didn’t get to spend nearly as much time with her as i would have liked. i had a class to be in at 2pm, so it was a little rushed:(

sohpia and i

she was sweet enough to make me! this gorgeous project bag:)

beautifully hand sewn bag by ewenique

and ever since, i have been moving whatever i’m currently working on into it, so i can tote it around with me. i told her she needs to open up an etsy shop:) her work is perfection. and i love not only the colors of the fabric, but also the print she chose:) i was lucky enough to visit paris a few years ago, and i absolutely loved it:) so this bag is absolutely my cup of tea:) thank you again sophia:)

cookie a and ME:) hehe

next, i had a class with cookie a, intuitive cable chart reading. she was really nice, and down to earth. she let me get a picture with her:) i was all nervous to ask her for one too!
and boy, this class was intense, kind of. i mean, you have to kind of commit the ideas/thoughts that cookie gives you to memory in order to get the full benefit, and for the chart reading to become intuitive. i actually hope to practice what i learned soon. she also taught us how to cable without a cable needle, and seriously, it is way easier than it sounds from reading the instructions.

stalagmite, by cookie a

i have been working on her stalagmite socks since may, and i keep having to put them down to rest my brain. after taking cookie’s class, i feel that i will be able to knock these out quicker than before, once i actually sit down and do some knitting on them:) i was also really excited to be learning from such an incredible designer as cookie:)

more on knit nation in the next post! stay tuned, it will be a good one:)

*please forgive the awkward formatting; i’m tired of fighting with wordpress. i may have to change things up a bit soon…maybe a new theme will help…

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8 Responses to knit nation!!! part 1

  1. pip says:

    Great photos! Sounds like you had a brilliant day πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the next post!

  2. Mags says:

    I’m so jealous you got to go! Looks/sounds like you had a great time!

  3. ewenique says:

    36 skeins? 36 SKEINS? how did you get it all home?!?! πŸ™‚
    ’twas truly lovely meeting you and I too wish we could have spent more time together as originally planned (blasted house guests!).
    I can hardly wait for the next instalment – could that be the one we get to see the yarnz? oooh, exciting!

    I am such a dork! But hope to one day overcome my (irrational) paranoia about the interweb 😦

  4. gracey says:

    So awesome!!!!! 36 skeins! I would so be there with you! Too funny!! I hope to attend Sock Summit the next go around…I was able to awing it this year….and I love the stalagmite!

    • atangledyarn says:

      i'm hoping to make it to the next sock summit also!! maybe we can meet:) and yeah, i'm a little ashamed at the # i brought home…but i figure i'm stocking up for when i can't buy yarn:)

  5. iMadeItSo says:

    what a great time! and to meet ysolda and have your photo taken, how cool πŸ™‚

    (my formatting on wp has been wonky too, just need to update i think once i get back to posting more)

    looking forward to part two!

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