london calling…

i was lucky enough to go to knit nation this past weekend, held at imperial college in london. it was awesome. incredibly awesome. stay tuned for another post on the exact awesomeness of it. with pictures and celebrities! the entire event was great. i feel like i have so much to write on this subject, so i’m going to break it up a bit.

we left here on thursday morning, to arrive around 3pm in london. however, there were weather issues and so a lot of flights were delayed/cancelled and we didn’t actually arrive in london until after 8pm.

this helped to calm me down. an ice cold heineken in amsterdam is amazing. especially after having been in airports for almost 12 hours. i think it also helped keep me in line, while being in line. oh, i crack myself UP. because once we got to london, there was….

…the passport queue (see, i acclimated quite quickly to the language:) which was Insane. No really. I so wish I had snuck a picture. you are not allowed to turn your camera on or use a cell phone when in the queue, but i wanted to take a picture sooo bad. we were in line (oops) for approximately 2 hours. imagine a very long, long, long queue that seems to go to infinity and beyoooond.

next up, how to get to imperial college where we had booked a room. despite the fact that the language in london is english, we were quite worried that we would take the wrong train and end up in the wrong place, making our trip even longer, and possibly losing our room. all of these worries were useless, so if you decide to make this trip, and stay at imperial college, take the bloody tube from the airport! you will save A LOT of pounds, ahem, i mean, money. money that could be used for more of the things at knit nation:)

i would like to thank again, ewenique (who i got to meeet!!! more later), for recommending the dorms at imperial college. the location was the absolute best part. we were literally across the street from the convention, and within a 10 minute walk of food, shopping, museums, the tube, and a starbucks! which we didn’t even go into!! i know, i’m very shocked. one night we tried, but they were already closed.

friday started out with checking in for knit nation, and alice yu checked me in. more on her awesomeness later. next we had breakfast at the kensington crémarie crêparie, one word for that breakfast, Delicious!!! next, we wandered along the city somewhat. we took the tube and walked across london bridge to look at tower bridge.

view of tower bridge from london bridge

we stood in line Forever to go through the London Dungeon, we stopped at a pub to have fish and chips for me, and a burger for dana, both meals included a pint, and i do believe it was one of the cheapest meals we had, under 11 pounds, and it was good! finally, our evening ended with a jack the ripper walking tour.

as far as the london dungeon goes, the best part was waiting in the queue for over an hour. oh no, wait. the best part were the two little kids in front of us as we were walking through. we were in an area covered with mirrors, it was like a mirrored maze in the dark, and one of the little boys in front of us said, look at those awfully handsome kids:) maybe you had to be there, but it kept us laughing for a while. the tour itself was OK. but for the price, and wait, eh…i’d say pass. unless you have absolutely nothing else to do.

the jack the ripper tour was actually very interesting, but also very creepy. there really wasn’t a point in taking any pictures along the tour, unless you’d like to have lots of pictures of gravel roads, or alleyways. but the tour guide was informative. also, it was kind of funny to see how serious some of the other tourists took the information. it seemed like there were a few that had maybe spent a little too much time poring over the details of these gruesome murders that happened so long ago. one interesting item was that before the ripper was referred to as the ripper, he was referred to as leather apron. look it up if you are interested. i don’t want to spoil it. also, at one point, the ten bells was actually called the jack the ripper, until someone got smart and decided it wasn’t that great to have a pub named after a serial killer, and the name was changed back. but we did see a place called jack the clipper as we were taking the tour…

check back later for more on knit nation!!! 🙂

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