stuff, lots of it

purple people eater, wollmeise 100%, size US 6 needles

in february, i did a kal with sophia for the haruni shawl. this is my second haruni, and while i enjoyed knitting the first one, it took a while. once it was finally done, i blocked it pretty quickly and took photos. then in february, i finally started and finished the second one. i started blocking it this weekend. you can see, i’m still blocking it. it is quite big. i hope my mom likes it:) hopefully i can get both of these in the mail this week, in time for mother’s day.

amonkeysterdam cowl, wollmeise 80/20 in pitahaya, size 2.50mm needles

last weekend we took a trip to amsterdam. originally we were hoping to make a surprise visit to florida for a few days, but plane tickets alone were going to be over $3,000. so that idea was squashed and a weekend trip to amsterdam took its place. while on the train i started a cowl. i finished it a day or two after we got home and i can’t wait to wear it. well, i guess i can wait because i’m enjoying the warm weather while it is here.

while in amsterdam we toured the heineken brewery. it was definitely one of the most interesting museum tours i’ve been on. coupled with the fact that you get a small glass of beer during the tour and at the end you are given two more free* beers, what’s not to like? also, dana kept getting an extra beer. during the tour he was given an extra glass because he knew how to toast properly while in amsterdam (prost), then on our way to the bar for the 2 free beers (each) we stopped on the other side where they were showing people how to pour correctly. as soon as we walked up to see what was going on, the bartender handed a beer to dana. and then, when we went to the real bar to get our first free beer, some random guy tried to give one of his to dana as well. that one he turned down. we weren’t sure if the guy had already drank from it or not…but it was really funny. so once we left the museum, we were ready to keep on enjoying some heineken. i’ll include more about our trip in another post.

*free meaning 15 Euros per person to go on the tour…

i also recently finished a pair of socks. i actually like them a lot, even though they were

vanilla sock, knit picks felici in tyrian purple, size 2.25mm needles

a tad boring to knit. the color changes helped though and the feel of the yarn is so soft.

lastly, today is dana and i’s 2nd anniversary. i love you dana:)

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9 Responses to stuff, lots of it

  1. ewenique says:

    firstly, Happy anniversary!

    next, your blocking board is interesting, could you tell me about it? (where it’s from, if it works well, how it compares to the styrofoam ones…)

    finally, I like your socks too! 🙂

    • atangledyarn says:

      thank you ewenique:) here is a link to the board i have:

      i’m not sure how it compares to the styrofoam…i can say that i really like it:) for the haruni(s), i have sprayed water right on it and then blotted the excess (since i have to block in multiple stages) and the board is not messed up from the water. when i block smaller items, i soak them first, then dab with a towel before putting them on the board.

  2. accountantgrrl says:

    Awww! Happy Anniversary!

    It sounds like the beer tour was fun. I live not too far away from Boston and have always wanted to tour the Samuel Adams brewery.

  3. peneloping says:

    Happy anniversary! And wow, that shawl is gorgeous!

    I visited the Guinness brewery while I was in Dublin. Lots of delicious free beer but by the end of the first glass I was stuffed and couldn’t drink anymore :/

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your shawl is stunning, can’t wait to see it in its fully-blocked glory. 🙂

  5. ana says:

    happy anniversary!

    and that shawl… stunning! love the purple-people-eater name too! i’m sure your mom will love it. how could she not? and fun socks, too.

  6. Tammy says:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Glad you had a good trip!

  7. Mags says:

    Happy anniversary! I’d say congratulations, but I get the impression Dana isn’t hard to be around, so it’s not really an accomplishment that you’ve stayed together 😉

    Haruni is BEAUTIFUL.

  8. dana says:

    I love you too beautiful…

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