size, it matters

i managed to finish my paper on time management:) it isn’t the best thing i’ve ever turned in. in fact, it might be the worst paper i’ve ever written. but it is done, so on i’ll go. yesterday i spent some time swatching for dana’s hoodie.

swatch in madelinetosh vintage; copper penny

i started with size 8 needles, then i went to 9, then 10.5, and then 11. i was happiest with the drape of the swatch on 10.5 even though the stitch count was a little closer to accurate using the size 11 needles. but the swatch seemed too loose. i dutifully washed my swatch (the 10.5 one) and let it dry in the window today while i finished up my paper. i was so happy to be done, that i immediately cast on for the hoodie. after working about 6 rows, i realized…i am using size 11 needles. i love my interchangeable needles. but i forgot to switch the tips. so now i’m thinking i should start over, while i’m not that far into it. or i can keep going and see if i end up liking the drape of the fabric using the bigger (size 11) needles…

size 11 needles...not 10.5

the problem is, i’m closer (but still not exact) to gauge with the 11’s, which makes me think i should just keep going

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2 Responses to size, it matters

  1. Mags says:

    Hooray for finishing your paper!

    As for the size issue, I hate to say this but I’d rip it. I prefer the fabric to have a good hand, and you can always adjust the pattern for your gauge.

  2. Lina says:

    Congrats on finishing the paper!

    Another vote to rip it… it shouldn’t be that bad considering how large those needles are. 🙂

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