i’ve been working on the lettuce pullover for a little bit now, but i keep putting it in time out. i’m slightly irritated with it at the moment. and i also did not rip it out to start over with a provisional cast on. i realized there was an error in my thinking with that.

anyway, even with the errata that the designer sent me, something isn’t working. the errata has you start neck increases once you have reached 6.25 inches on the yoke. then, after doing 9 rows of both neck and raglan increases, you are to join your work, place the sleeves on hold, and continue to knit the body in the round. sounds great. easy even. except for the fact that if i want to have the right number of stitches for my sleeves and back, then i need to knit 4 more raglan increase and neck increase rows, which will give me too many front stitches before joining…but i think i’m going to go for it and hope that when i do join my work, the neck isn’t crazy low still, which was the point of the errata…to bring the neck up.

so…that frustration has lead to some thoughts of doing a gauge swatch for a sweater for dana. this arrived in the mail yesterday. go ahead and drool:)

madelintosh vintage in copper penny

it is amazingly soft and so lovely to look at:) i ordered this in february from jimmy beans wool. they were kind enough to tell me that they had all but one skien from the same dye-lot, and would i rather wait until they had the amount i wanted from the same lot? i was thrilled that they let me know, and i’ve been eager to see this yarn in person! this is the perfect color for dana. now to find the perfect pattern. i was going to use elizabeth zimmerman’s seamless hybrid recipe. but now i’m looking at these two patterns, cable guy or hacky sack hoodie. i’ve got to get dana’s approval, but i am leaning towards the hoodie, maybe minus the hood, definitely minus the stripe. what do you all think? i really want to do a top down sweater for him.

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3 Responses to temptation

  1. suddenexpression says:

    I think you should go ahead and try Elizabeth Zimmermans method. I don’t love the hacky sack hoodie. But that’s just my opinion 🙂 You seem to be on a blogging role lately! Loving it!

  2. Sorry you’re struggling. It STINKS when the pattern keeps you from finishing something you’re dying to make. Ask me how I know. As for the sweater, I think it depends on the guy — the hoodie (which I totally love) is super casual, and the cabled one is dressier. They’re both pretty cool, though. Looking forward to seeing which one you choose!

  3. Dina says:

    My vote would be for the cable sweater, but that is only because I dream of having a spouse that will wear something other than hooded sweatshirts all winter long!

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