yummmmm, pig bone!

you say it’s your birthday

today i'm 1 years old!

it’s my birthday too yeah!

they say it’s your birthday

we’re gonna have a good time

i’m glad it’s your birthday

happy birthday to you!

it’s been a fun year

waking up from a nap, so invigorating

my first beer

my first mohawk

my first bath

i dabbled with a minor shoe fetish

i played with my toys

one in particular was my favorite, she was my girlfriend for a bit

i tried to learn how to knit

i got into a little bit of trouble once

ok, maybe twice

but i always managed to get out of it, because i’m so cute


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9 Responses to yummmmm, pig bone!

  1. pip says:

    Yes you are so cute! ^..^ Great Ears!

  2. Mags says:

    Happy birthday cutie!

  3. Barb King says:

    Cujio! Happy birthday ! Grandma sends lots of love and Kisses!!!!

  4. Barb King says:

    Thanks for the GREAT pictures!!!

  5. Amoena says:

    Happy Birthday to Cujo! We’re in the party mood too, because today’s is also J.R’s birthday. The pictures are awesome!

  6. suddenexpression says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUJO!!! He’s such a freakin’ cutie! I love him! I need to send you the picture I have of him with the Wollmeise.

  7. teresa cleland says:

    happy birthday cujo tell mommy that hat to heavy you need lighter one. awesome pictures.. hope everything is great for you heather

  8. katili says:

    What a cutie! Happy birthday puppy ♥

  9. Roberta says:

    Delayed response: Happy Birthday, Cujo – I loved all the pictures, but where is the one of you being ferocious?? I wish I had a little bed like yours that I could curl up in at night – it looks so cozy and comfy!!! Also I would steal Heather’s flowery shoes if she lived nearby and if her feet weren’t two sizes smaller than mine…

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