lettuce start again

swatches are fun umkay?

yesterday i expressed some frustration with my current garment for my 11 in 2011 goal, the lettuce pullover by hannah fettig. well…i contacted hannah by e-mail with my questions, and she got back to me rather quickly. i was so surprised and excited! so now i’m no longer confused or frustrated and i’ve already knit about 4 inches of the yoke. however…i decided today that i am going to rip out what i’ve done so far and start over with a provisional cast on. the reason? well once you are done with the sleeves and body of this pullover, you pick up stitches around yoke and attach a collar…i saw on ravelry where someone else decided to use the provisional cast on instead and the more i think about it, the more i like that idea. so i’m going to do that. in a way it sucks because like i said, i’m about four inches into the yoke. but that was accomplished in a rather quick amount of time, so i’m alright with starting over. i also forgot to mention, the pattern has you m1 left and m1 right for the increases, and i’m using tech knitter’s nearly invisible increase. i’ve used this increase before and it is really awesome. on my vigo sweater, i used the m1 left, m1 right on one of the sleeves and i really hated the way it looked where i made the increases because, you could totally see where all the increasing happened, and to me…it just wasn’t pretty. i used the invisible increases on the other sleeve so i could compare the two, and the invisible increases won. tech knitter has some amazing things on her website. if you haven’t stopped over there already, i suggest you take a look. she also has an awesome index of helpful tips. it is a very well organized blog!

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3 Responses to lettuce start again

  1. Mags says:

    I’m a huge fan of invisible decreases. No one else ever knows about it, but it makes the work just that bit better to me. And since I’m the one wearing it, that’s all that matters.

    I’m sure the cardi will be a smashing success, even though you’ve had to start over!

  2. suddenexpression says:

    So glad you contacted her. I would have never even thought to do it. My lettuce is coming along nicely now. Can’t wait to see what our progress looks like next week! It seems to be knitting up much faster than I had anticipated.

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