finishing friday

that's a lotta sock

i really wanted to name this finishing february…but i’m not quite there yet. i have a few items that i really hope to have off the needles by february 28th. today’s finished objects include: that’s a lotta sockcables and ribs oh my!, and baby mikey. i am also 2 rows and a bind-off short from finishing my mom’s haruni, aka, the purple people eater. for more finished objects, head over to tami’s and see what everyone else has been working on:)

i have some knitting guilt which isn’t fun at all. i have several x-mas presents that still aren’t done, and i just don’t have the motivation to work on them right now.

cables and ribs oh my!

i also have a secret project that i’m working on that was supposed to be done last week, and really hasn’t gotten any attention. oh well. i have mid-terms to deal with this weekend so i’m not going to fret too much over knitting…but i am looking forward to some quality “knitting only” time…just not sure when that will happen.

baby mikey

i loved working with the wollmeise on my orangey socks and the baby set. and lucky me, i am using a purple wollmeise to make the haruni for my mom…my hands sure have been spoiled lately…

i also finished two books! The Unnamed by Jonathan Ferris, and Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner. both books were not as uplifting or happy as i would have liked. they were both good, just not very upbeat. i am trying to get back into reading as much as i used to, before knitting decided to come along and suck up all of my interest:) i made a goal with myself to try to read one book a month (this is a lot smaller number than usual for me) and i’m happy that i read two in february, which makes up for me not reading any in january! 🙂  right? i’m not counting knitting books or magazines in this goal either. it just doesn’t seem fair…unless it is a new yarnharlot book:) i wonder when the new one is coming out…

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17 Responses to finishing friday

  1. ewenique says:

    erm yeah, so what’s your secret project? I promise not to tell anyone 🙂

  2. Christy says:

    I like the pink socks. It looks like you have gotten a lot done.

  3. Mujercita says:

    Those socks are gorgeous! I’m not normally an orange person, but I love it with that pattern!

  4. I love your HUGE socks. I am thinking of making some long ones for next winter, but as I have chunky legs I’ll need even more sock than yours!

  5. Marushka says:

    So many pretty colors this week! Wollmeise… I long to try some myself.

    I’m the same way with reading — it used to consume all of my “free” time, but now I knit or spin or sew and save reading for when I don’t have a portable craft project to take with me, or when I’m falling asleep at night. (I tried knitting at bedtime, but the accuracy was definitely a problem!)

  6. Kathleen says:

    Those cables-and-ribs socks are just amazing, I love the colours. I’m trying to get back into reading more recently, too. I’ve been reading a lot of kids’ books, which read quickly. 😀

  7. Dina says:

    Love all your projects. I would probably poke my eyes out in frustration before EVER finishing those huge socks!

  8. Claire H. says:

    Wow, that is a lot of sock – a lot of awesome sock!

  9. Halfpint says:

    Your orange socks are gorgeous

  10. Tami says:

    WOW, you’ve been busy! I love the long socks.

  11. Shannon says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of knitting! I keep hearing good things about Wollmeise and hope to try it someday. I want to cast on for a Haruni too so I hope to see yours when you are done!

  12. Mags says:

    Long socks are LONG! And fabulous!

    The Wollmeise socks turned out even better than I thought they would. You picked a great pattern/yarn combo.

  13. Lina says:

    Those are a lot of FO’s! I love the socks (WM is SO yummy!) and the long socks are also wonderful.

    Sucks about the knitting guilt, though. I hope you can get those items done soon so you won’t feel so guilty anymore!

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