i’ve finally started on the haruni for my mom. ewenique and I are having a little kal for this project. she convinced me that I should do the original version for my mom, so

mom's haruni

here’s a picture. You can’t really tell what is going on, as with any lace project until it is finally blocked. I think lace is really cool in that way. You knit and knit this blob of fabric, and then when you block it, a complete transformation takes place.

a while back i participated in a swap. Here is an update on one of the items i received from my swap partner.

is candy supposed to burn like that?

and a now, moment of silence.

yesterday was a sad day for the candy, i mean, candle that lied to me and told me it was an edible cupcake. i guess in the long run, it got what it deserved. i mean, it came to me wrapped up with a bow looking like it might be pretty tasty. what a farce. i wrote back then about how i wasn’t sure exactly what type of candy it was, but that it sure looked good. if you look down at the comments on that entry, you’ll see that i was completely mislead by the sheer goodlookingness of this cupcake.

all gone 😦 but not ingested!

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5 Responses to tribute

  1. suddenexpression says:

    But the melted candle still looks so cute!!!

  2. pip says:

    hehe I’d forgotten about that…. giggling again 🙂

  3. ewenique says:

    my, my. you get going quickly! Even though I started a couple of days before you and I’m knitting the stockinette version, you’ve caught up and probably overtaken me…your needles must be smokin’ hot. it’s looking good, what a lovely daughter you are 😉

  4. Susie says:

    Ha! That showed that deceitful cupcake! :-).

    I’m very impressed you’re doing a haruni, I looked at the instructions and got no further. I bet that will be beautiful.

  5. Dana says:


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