it’s faster!

cable rib sock in wollemeise

knitting 2×1 ribbing with a cable every 10 rows goes so much faster than following a lace chart…of course, i like following lace charts because there is more to think about when you are knitting, right? anyway, turns out this pattern loves this yarn so Yay! 🙂 also, i found a new video podcast called Twisted Strands (link goes to itunes, but if you google her you’ll get the blogspot feed). the knitgirllls mentioned her on their last video podcast and so i gave her a try. i laughed out loud at a few of the things she said and at her facial expressions. she only has 5 episodes so far, they are pretty short in length too, just enough to get a round or two in on some socks. in between deciding on what the orange goodness was going to be, i managed to complete 1/2 of my assignments, and then i finished up the rest today. well, most of the rest. we have group work. on-line. yeah. not a huge fan of this…especially since i’m going to be in austria for the next few days, playing in the snow, i really can’t wait! it will cost me 3 euro an hour to connect to the interwebs and look at my class. oh well. i may have to spend 3 – 9 euro to finish up my portion, but i guess that isn’t too terrible. except that i could use that money for yarn.

here’s a snapshot of  our weather today.

bavaria jan 2011

i took this picture while driving. bad me. but i was driving really slow. the roads were not in the best condition, which made for some interesting turning action. it also meant there weren’t that many people out and about, and…i could drive super slow to take some pictures with my cool valentines present from last year.


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6 Responses to it’s faster!

  1. Kae says:

    Beautiful, both knitting and pictures 🙂

  2. Mags says:

    That sock is GORGEOUS.

    Bad you for taking pictures while driving. But it did come out sharp, which I rarely manage! (hey, is my hypocrisy showing?)

  3. KnitterInPink says:

    Haha. I love the sock! I…don’t do lace socks…so no patterns for me. 🙂 And my roads here looked like that last Wednesday too. Yay snow!!!

  4. noe knits says:

    Guess what? You are one of the winners of the Julia beanie giveaway. You will be receiving a Black Julia beanie knitted by me! Check out the post:

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