it goes to 11…my brain power that is

deceptively good looking

i read a lot of blogs, magazines, and books on the subject of knitting. i also listen to podcasts about knitting. i am kind of obsessed. i also like to cook. with knitting…most people would probably agree that 11:00 at night is not the time to start a lace intensive project, or try to fix a major error, or maybe do a steek…you know what i’m saying. 11:00 pm might be too late in the evening to start something that you might need a little extra brain power for. unless of course you are on a schedule that makes 11:00 pm your wake up time.

i think this probably applies to cooking as well. and not even something that requires all that much brain power to make…for example…baking a cake at 11:00 pm (straight from the box) might be risky business and could result with one scratching their head like, why the heck is my cake taking so long to cook??? so, for one, we have a tiny oven. so tiny that two 9″ cake pans will not fit in it at the same time. something that i keep forgetting. not that i’ve made that many cakes lately…but anyway…i have 2 slightly smaller pans, and i forget and well that’s that…anyway…the cake is supposed to take a max of 37 minutes to cook. so that doubled (since i have to put each pan in separately) is an hour and 14 minutes. at 11:00 i knew that i could make it until midnight or so and not fall asleep and have a major incident on my hands. i put a cake in the oven, walked out, and started playing around on ravelry.

50 mintues later i realized ooooops! i left the cake in the oven and uh-oh it was probably going to be burnt. i jumped up and ran to the kitchen, and opened up the oven. the cake was not cooked through yet. i was kind of relieved, but also kind of annoyed and wondering what??? is going on?? the cake cooked for some more time, and then i took it out and put the other one in. it wasn’t done until around 1:00 am. i was more than annoyed at this point. i was tired, and cranky and wondering what the heck happened. how was it possible that two 9″ cakes had taken about an hour a piece to cook. and still not seem Quite cooked on the bottom…as i was turning the oven off, i noticed that the dial no longer said 160. it was more like 100. and then i just let the cakes sit there. i had already taken the first one out of its pan and put it on a rack to cool (and in the process, it had stuck to the greased and floured pan a little)…and it had sunk in the middle. but i was like whatever, i’m going to bed, i guess we aren’t having any cake on christmas for breakfast. yeah…we were totally going to have chocolate cake for christmas breakfast. when i saw that the temperature had changed on the oven, i realized why the cakes weren’t cooked and what had taken so long. but i was tired. and this thing with the oven dial has happened before. if you lean up against the oven at all, chances are the knobs are going to turn. but it has only happened one other time and i kind of didn’t think to check that possibility. 11:00 at night. not a good time to bake a cake.

when i woke up i put the cakes in the oven again at the right temperature for about 10 minutes each, and the knife i stuck in the middle said they were done. the knife lied. one wasn’t quite done. also, the one that the knife lied about, it stuck to the pan even worse than the other one. like way worse. here is the proof.

the raw deal

we had some cake, but i couldn’t really eat the bottom layer. and then it went in the trash with all my hopes and dreams. just kidding. ok, so…before the cake incident we went snowboarding for a few days and it was a blast. the weather was beautiful and the snow was pretty perfect. i also had a lesson since i can’t seem to turn toe-side. the lesson really helped and i got to practice some, but i’m still working on it. i also learned that the boots i had were definitely way too big for me. with snowboarding boots, apparently, your foot shouldn’t move at all once inside the boot. like, there shouldn’t be any more than toe wiggle room. who knew…..


i brought some knitting along with me, as i always do. i planned on working on these plain stockinette knee socks at the end of each day where i knew i would be too tired to do much knitting that required too much thinking. and that is at like 5:00 pm on a snowboarding day. we are always pretty wiped out at the end of each day we spend in the snow. but in a really good way:) so anyway…even though it was early, i was tired and i measured the length of my foot and then immediately did the wrong math and ended up with a sock that was 3 inches too short for me. so i had rip out to the toe. i got pretty far on the second attempt, but when we got back home and we’d had a good nights sleep, i realized i needed to rip out the foot and make the foot less wide. i had 68 stitches and it was a little too baggy. so i ripped out and ended up with 64 stitches. after that it was smooth sailing but i had to try the sock on a lot to make sure i increased and decreased correctly to fit my calf the way i wanted it to, like…not falling off my leg or cutting off my circulation. i did it and finished the first sock today. the foot is somehow approximately 1/4″ too long…i’m not sure how i missed this. but…it fits and works and it is staying. the second sock will probably fit perfectly since i will knit it a little shorter in the foot, approx 1/4″ shorter.

Regia Cotton Weekend Color; 03027 colorway

also, i did my calf increases and decreases on the second needle, or back of the sock and the lines of that look a little off if you look at it, so i will probably work all those on the first needle on sock number two. which will be started…probably the next time we go snowboarding. also, i’m not done with my christmas knitting. ahhhhh! mostly because i am waiting on yarn from the interwebs and also because i thought of the perfect thing to make for 3 people like a week before christmas. to anyone reading this, i hope you had a wonderful holiday:)

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