how one gets suckered

we are planning a trip to austria this week and today we went shopping! i have been wanting to get dana a new jacket for christmas (for snowboarding) but i was not confident that i would pick something he would enjoy. when the $ is high, i’d prefer his input on something that is going to get a lot of use (or not if he didn’t like it). after we got the jacket, we were looking around and these cute things were just sitting innocently on a box with a tag that said 29 Euro. i couldn’t believe it. i have been wanting a pair of boots and these were just begging for me to try them on. but…when i got over to them, they sadly informed me that they were a size too small 😦 i took the boot into the store and asked the sales lady if there were any other sizes available. she said yes, maybe one size up, so i excitedly tried one on and they were sooo comfortable, and that is when i got suckered. the sales lady said to me…these boots are 80 Euro. i was like WHAT?? Why? apparently the boots on sale were from the first batch that came out earlier in the season and some things had been changed and also the older ones may have some scratches on them. i was like, this isn’t a car lady, it is a pair of boots. i didn’t really say that, but i was thinking that. how can a pair of boots change price like that? i haven’t ever heard of it. so i was kind of apprehensive about spending the money on these because i think i still may need an actual boot that will allow me to walk in deep snow and i don’t think these are going to work for that task. but then the sales lady told me that on monday she would be having a 20% off sale, and she could go ahead and give me that discount now. so, here we are:) home with warm feet:) thanks to dana:) i’m the proud owner of some very cool looking green boots:) in my opinion:) and in yarn stuff…i was just wondering if this has happened to anyone. a few months ago, i went to the german raveler meetup, and i got some yarn as a gift for someone. the other day i decided to tidy up my little yarn area/room. i had a couple of bags sitting all gathered together with yarn in them. i decided to put all the bags in one big tupperware bin and make a mental note of what was where. but it seems that my mental notes were written in invisible ink and i don’t have any solution to decipher them:) i can’t find the yarn that i purchased for my friend. i know it is in there. but it will mean digging out Allllll the yarn. and i thought i had this organization thing down with the shelves we got…

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6 Responses to how one gets suckered

  1. LLLOOOVVEEE the boots! You should order some of the spray that makes them waterproof. (depending on what the boot is made of). Then they will be at least somewhat good for in snow!

  2. Tammy says:

    Those are Frickin’ AWESOME boots! I just got a new red pair on Thursday and wore them yesterday. Love them! I took a bunch of pics of boots I like, cuz they are on my Christmas list…no not sensible wear in the snow boots (which we don’t have yet) but cute, totally awesome looking boots! I love boots, have lots of them and wear boots more than anything but sneakers…

  3. Mags says:

    Those boots are COOL! I could not pull off a green like that. Good luck making them snow proof, and good luck with finding that yarn! (“my mental notes were written in invisible ink” HA!)

  4. Totally worth 80 euros (minus 20%, of course!). Those boots are super cool, but the pink argyle socks with them makes them super duper cool. Also, very cute.

  5. Dina says:

    So, if you get tired of the most awesomeset boots ever, feel free to send them to me 🙂

  6. This happened to me with some aran yarn the other day. It was a really good price so I decided to buy ten balls for a sweater. It was only two balls that were at the cheap price. I had to pay more for sweater quantities because they were new stock and more expensive. I bought the yarn anyway! The boots are lovely and such a great colour.

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