let it snow

a few weeks ago i had a little giveaway on my blog. i’m part of a group on ravelry called the blog hub. there are several cool things about this group, including the blog hub swap, but also it is a good place to advertise giveaways. i posted a note about my giveaway, and in the process i perused some new blogs and entered a few contests as well. i actually won something:) and the week or so before i won this contest, i won the weekly football pool, go me.

humiliate the dog hat

anyway, here is a picture of what i won. the actual winner of the contest was cujo. even though he doesn’t seem to be that thrilled with one of his gifts. along with this little doggie hat came 2 baggies of dog treats, the recipe to make more, a cute little pig cookie cutter (to shape the treats), and the pattern for the doggie hat. while cujo does not enjoy wearing this hat, he does enjoy eating the treats. any treats really. it was extremely hard to get a good picture of him wearing this hat. from the moment i put it on him, he kept trying to get it off. which included him walking down the street with his head pressed up against the side of the road into huge piles of snow. i took loads of pictures, but only two are good enough to show off the handy work of amoena. here is a link to her original post announcing the giveaway, where you can see a dog properly showing off the hat. as well as pictures of the treats:) and here is where you can see her clever way of selecting the winner (me!!:)) i love how she did this, and will try to incorporate it for the next time i have something to give away:)


i’ll give you one final picture, because this is my favorite one, even though it isn’t the best quality or anything. and one update, the guy who lives on the first floor is alive and not shoveling his portion of the driveway. and for the first time, i didn’t do it for him. i don’t even feel bad about it. i kind of do. but i really don’t. if that makes sense. we had a good 6 inches or more of snow last night, and so doing half of the driveway and the long walkway to our shed took me over an hour this morning. the shed is important because it is where all our trash goes for 2 weeks, and all of our recyclables go for 1 month. i don’t think the guy downstairs understands that concept either, because he never puts his trash or recyclables out on the curb. i do. and maybe i’m just ranting a little here, but oh well. it is a little annoying when he doesn’t show any appreciation for someone else doing these things All The Time. But he is moving this month so maybe the new tenant will be a little more with it…i might have to buy some yarn to deal with this frustration i’m feeling:) or bake some cookies…decisions decisions!

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4 Responses to let it snow

  1. suddenexpression says:

    You got alot more snow than we did last night! But glad to say the hubs is on leave (and we don’t have a driveway) so no shoveling here šŸ™‚ Cujo is so darn cute in the hat…to bad he doesn’t like it!

  2. Amoena says:

    Cujo’s so cute! I’m happy that the size seems to be right too. I was so worried about the fit when I knitted it.

    Just the other day I tried to walk our oldest dog in her hat too, but even though she quite happily wears it inside, she refuses to wear it outside. I guess she doesn’t mind when I humiliate her when nobody sees it, but won’t do it in public šŸ˜€

  3. pip says:

    lots of snow here in wales too! I’m glad Cujo likes the treats but I’m sure his own ears work a whole lot better ^..^

  4. Mags says:

    Awww, but he’s cute! Even though he doesn’t like it. Maybe more so because he doesn’t like it, now that I think about it.

    Your downstairs neighbour sounds about as helpful as my housemates. I make sure to sweep the stairs every morning, because I don’t want to break my neck when I go out. But them? Probably haven’t ever heard of a broom.

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