one haruni down, one to go

snow angel

i was finally able to get some good pictures. or so i thought. i took cujo out for his morning business and the sun was shining, and the snow was glittering…i thought, perfect! i’ll take a few pictures. i got the dog back in the house, gathered the two items, my camera, and went outside. approximately (SERIOUSLY) 2 minutes had passed. in those 2 minutes, some clouds decided to roll on in and cover up the beautiful sun and that stopped the snow from glittering 😦 this is no joke. i couldn’t believe the sun went away that fast. since then about 30 minutes have passed by, and the sun is still playing hide and seek…it is snowing again though, what a relief. i took several pictures of the haruni (yellowness) in two different spots. and i only took a few of the oscilloscope shawl because it hasn’t been blocked yet…but i wanted a picture of it because seriously who knows when everything will line up again…

oscilloscope shawl in berroco lustra colorway 3156--not blocked yet

i’m also working on a tie for my papa. i hope to make him two, one red and one blue. there are not that many “good” tie patterns out there, in my opinion. i scoured ravelry and thought i had found one by lion brand, but then realized i didn’t like the way the end was…i wanted a more traditional tie. the other night i realized that i have 3 different tie patterns in books i own already. i found those using ravelry as well. i love that feature! i can look at all the patterns at once on ravelry from any book without having to physically pull any books off the shelf. even though i do that as well occasionally because that is just the way i do it sometimes. but, if you know what you are looking for that ravelry feature is Pretty Damn Cool. i have a ways to go on this tie, but maybe i’ll

papa's blue christmas tie

be able to finish it by saturday? in either case i think the only person on my christmas list who will actually receive a hand knit item on christmas will be basement man. pretty funny. oh, and one more thing, last night, we almost died. the guy who lives on the first floor did some kind of something involving something that smelled like paint thinner. we were watching a movie that was ok…not that great, and i started to smell it, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. either because of the not so greatness of the movie or the damage the fumes were doing to my brain, i was having a hard time concentrating. dana couldn’t smell it. then he could for a second but then it was gone. finally, when he was able to smell it as much as i could, i opened up our front door and BAM! in my face! the entire hallway smelled like it. we had to open a few windows to air out our apartment. the guy downstairs has not left for work yet…i wonder if he passed out in his sleep from the fumes…i seriously wonder about this guy…i hope he opened some of his windows…oh and! my husband got me a present yesterday. guess what it is? a snow shovel with a metal shovel, instead of the one we have with a plastic shovel. I Can’t Wait To Try That Bad Boy Out!

nana's haruni

Happy Holidays and knitting everyone! 🙂 one more yellowy picture of the haruni just chilling in the snow, waiting on someone to bring her a hot toddy!

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3 Responses to one haruni down, one to go

  1. suddenexpression says:

    The haruni seriously looks amazing. I love the yarn and pattern combination. Just perfect together!

  2. Dina says:

    I am seriously disturbed. At first I thought the yellow was a picture of the “business” that had been done and was awed by the bladder size. Yes, I need help. Yarn may be the best prescription. Once my mistake was corrected, noticed Wow! gorgeous!!! Have looked at the Haruni, but have fallen victim to online/ravelry peer pressure and am planning on doing a Citron. Stay warm!

    • atangledyarn says:

      omg! that made me laugh out loud for real. yeah, cujo weighs approx. 5 pounds so if his “business” was that big…we’d be at the vet! i too fell victim to the peer pressure of citron, and i’m actually working my second one! it goes FAST!

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