dinner anyone?

approx 2 feet of snow on our patio table

there has been quite a bit of snow here lately. just enough to make it necessary to shovel the driveway more than once or twice a day. and once you are done shoveling, it sometimes snows enough that you need to start at the beginning again, once you’ve reached the end…it doesn’t help that the dude who lives downstairs (not basement man) never, ever shovels. ever. ok, maybe he has shoveled snow before, but last winter, NOPE. this winter…not yet. he did offer the other night, (he came home while dana was doing it…That’s What She Said)… but…YEAH…so anyway…the other night we wanted go out to dinner and the Jeep wouldn’t start. so we got the bright idea to try and turn my beetle around (while it was inside the garage) so we could either drive it, or use it to jump the Jeep. that didn’t work either. turns out, even though the garage is a double, and my beetle is pretty small…it just wasn’t small enough to maneuver out of the space. which meant i had to come inside and knit:) well…make dinner, and then knit:) i am working on a pair of socks for dana and i measured carefully and started the heel as the pattern indicated (which i thought was strange because the other socks i’ve made from the toe up, i have started the heel sooner…but anyway) this pattern called for starting the heel when the foot was 2 inches shy of the total length. so that is what i did. i worked the heel and then a few

too long bamboo rib sock 😦

more rounds, and had dana try it on earlier today. as i was knitting, it seemed a little long, but…i thought with the stretchiness of the yarn and dana’s foot…it would all come together. not so much. this sock is about 2 inches too long. hum…WEIRD. i looked back at the gull wing sock pattern, and for that one i started the heel when the foot was 4 3/4 inches shy of the total length…of course, i didn’t look at that pattern till just now…so it looks like i’ll be doing some ripping back tonight. or tomorrow. i’m still working on a few christmas gifts, and i finished the oscilloscope shawl the other day, but the light hasn’t been great here, so i don’t have a good finished picture yet. at this rate, i’m not sure i’ll be able to get the few packages in the mail in time for christmas. i mean…the items aren’t even finished and it is the 6th of December…talk about procrastinating. and why is it, that i decided to make certain things way back when, but now all i want to do is cast on this or that for ME?…as the knitmore girls would say, i think i’m becoming a selfish knitter.

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One Response to dinner anyone?

  1. Mags says:

    Those seats look terribly cosy! In a frozen backside sort of way.

    Bummer about the socks being too long. I hope it works out in the end!

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