lazy saturday

i’ve been looking forward to spending a quiet day at home just knitting all week. today is that day:) i really enjoy knitting. i think it is my favorite thing, as far as hobbies go. i like to run, read, play video games, and hang out with people, and eat, oh i love to eat, but i really like knitting. i also love it when i think of something special to make for a certain someone. when you see a pattern and think, i know so and so would look great in that? well…i gave a citron to a friend last night, and i think it looks really nice on her:) i have also been working on 2 other projects, well…3, ok, wait…i have A LOT of WIPs…but recently i’ve been working on 2 scarfs, and i am thoroughly enjoying myself. but first things first, a few days ago i mentioned that i’d give someone a treat if they left a comment on the wrappity wrap wrap post. i had an idea of what i was going to give away but, my husband suggested i give away a skein of wollmeise. of course, i looked at him like he was crazy. i mean…i just got that yummy goodness in the sale they had in august, give one away?? but then…i realized that this was the perfect opportunity to go and pick up a skein to give away:) my husband is the BEST enabler:) so, before starting this post, i went to www.random. org, and plugged in 1-23 on the random number generator.

Wollmeise twin sock yarn; Tiefer See (Spiralen) colorway

10 was the answer, and Rachel left the 10th comment so i will be sending her an email to let her know i need her mailing address. congratulations Rachel! 🙂 here is a picture of what will soon be a part of your stash. this yarn is wollmeise twin, 80% superwash merino, and 20% nylon.

i have also started another project using…mohair. i’ve read and heard about the trials and tribulations when working with mohair, and so i feel i was kind of prepared for the possibility of frustration. however, once i finally got this baby cast on, i haven’t had any issues. casting on took forever but…it will be well worth it. this pattern is called double indemnity, by twisted sisters.

the makeup of this scarf is unique because it is knit in the round, and you add 4 more ruffle layers when you are done with the main body. this is also plain stockinette knitting, and it feels so soft. i love how the deep purple and light blue look together. the yarn is alchemy haiku, lace weight, 60% mohair, 40% silk.

i love it.

double indemnity in alchemy haiku

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6 Responses to lazy saturday

  1. sillyfru says:

    Enjoy your knitting weekend! I have plans to do the same!! I hate that I missed the opportunity to win some awesome yarn pron!

  2. Dina says:

    I too am looking forward to a lazy saturday knitting as much as possible. Hustled yesterday to get a jump on weekend chores. Headed to Bloomington in a bit for a fiber frolic and fondling. The scarf looks so soft. I haven’t done much with mohair. Happy knitting weekend!

  3. suddenexpression says:

    i can’t believe you gave up a skein of Wollmeise. That’s all I have to say.

  4. knittaroo says:

    Oh wow, how generous of you! Congrats to Rachel!

  5. pip says:

    now that was a very good gift! having never actually got near enough to a wollmeise to touch it… I can only imagine how lovely it is to behold in the flesh! and I love your mohair project 🙂

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