off the charts!

i just cast on the oscilloscope shawl (by kate gagnon osborn), from the knitscene  fall 2010 issue. i’m using berroco lustra, in 3156 triomphe teal. i knit a lot of items in the round (socks for one) and i frequently use charts. however, i forgot that when you are not knitting in the round, you need to read the chart differently, right to left for row 1, and then left to right for row 2, etc.

if knitting in the round, you read all the rows right to left. so i had a few false starts. i knew something just wasn’t right, but…i couldn’t figure it out. another ah-ha moment…i seem to be doing that a lot lately:)

oscilloscope shawl in berroco lustra

here is a picture of my progress, this is just the first chart. i really love the color of this yarn. it is 50% peruvian wool and 50% tencel, in a worsted weight. it has a very nice sheen to it, and it feels very soft. in my last post, i said i would send someone a treat if they left a comment. i didn’t say when i would select the random winner or what the treat is, or even when the end of the mini-giveaway is. probably because it was a spur of the moment thing, and i haven’t ever done this before:) but, here are the details:

i will select the winner (randomly) on saturday, november 20th, i will announce the winner on the blog on the same day, and i will post what the prize is. i will also contact the winner by email for their mailing address. so, if you haven’t already, go ahead and leave a comment on the wrappity wrap wrap post:) i’ll pick a winner on saturday:) oh, and as long as i’m fixing errors…or mentioning things i forgot to mention before, one of the huge highlights of the blizz con trip was tenacious d. they put on a VERY GOOD and VERY FUNNY show at the end of the convention. it was great to see them live, and…i love jack black, he is so funny. however, the announcement was made Several Times that this show was not for children. when we left…there were many children leaving with us…i was a little shocked…because…well, the show was definitely not for children.

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4 Responses to off the charts!

  1. Amanda B. says:

    I LOVE Tenacious D! And I’m a little jealous of you getting to see them – they remind me of my college days.

  2. Dina says:

    What a gorgeous color!

  3. Lovely yarn for your shawl! I’m always convinced whenever I start a charted project, that I’m reading the chart wrong. So it’s not just you. And, under that same heading, I realized halfway through my giveaway that there were a whole lotta things I forgot to do and did not quite right. Ah well, live and learn. 🙂

  4. Emily G says:

    That is a great color. Do you know how the yarn will wear? The wool/tencel blend looks like it will make a stunning garment.

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