spoiled rotten

Is it sad that I have one post dedicated just to the yarn shopping I did on my trip? No, not at all:) I feel pretty lucky:) I can also look at it like this…I don’t ever have a reason to be bored:) I’ve got plenty of yarn to keep me occupied for a long time. It might be time to go on a diet:)

My husband Spoiled Me. We stopped at a total of four yarn shops while we were in California. Two on the first full day we were there, and then two after Blizz Con. I went nuts in the first two.

All three of the stores I’ve named were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The staff/owners were extremely friendly and helpful, and the stores were so cute. 2 were HUGE! 1 was small and cozy. The small and cozy one was my favorite, probably because the owner, Cathy, was so nice and helpful, and she had a lot of her “own” yarn. Which was pretty nice. I’m talking about Twist, Yarns of Intrigue. I have already ordered another skein from her since I’ve returned home.

a twist tangle

It is called A Twist Tangle, and she has put 3 different types of yarn together, a blend of soy, wool, cotton, hemp and mohair. Her shop was nice and cozy, with a lot of variety to choose from as well as yarn you can only get from her. She also pointed me in the direction of another yarn shop, which was approximately a mile away.

That store was Beach Knitting, and it was huge. There was a lot to choose from. I tried to monitor my spending a little better in there though. I was really looking for some Cascade 220 Superwash, but it was eluding me. After this, we spent some time at Blizz Con, and time with family.

The third shop we went to…I didn’t buy anything! It was a tiny shop, which has never stopped me before. There was tons of yarn, so that was cool. A knitting group going on (it was about 11:30 am) in the middle of the tiny store, so there wasn’t much room to actually walk around. But still that was not enough to turn me off. One of the girls working there even complemented my husband’s beanie (which I made). But as I was looking around, there were no prices on any of the yarn, at all. And I couldn’t really see much organization to the yarn, other than by color. And if I pulled one skein out to see what it was, I had to keep my hand up to prevent an avalanche of yarn from raining down. I was still looking for Cascade 220 Superwash. I keep hearing about this yarn on various podcasts, so I kind of wanted to get a skein or two to test out.

I asked if they had any, and the girl said yes, upstairs. She asked me what color I wanted. And I asked if she could tell me how much it was? She couldn’t, but said that as soon as she was done helping the customer she was already helping, she would be right with me. So I continued to look around as best as I could. 15 minutes later, I was like…let’s go. We had driven about an hour to get there, and we only had 1 hour on the parking meter. So we left. I am kind of shocked that I made that decision, but there it is.

After that experience I felt bad about going to yet another shop, but my husband was all for it, crazy right? The final shop we went to was Yarn Lady. This place was Humongous. I mean, I think there were at least three normal size tables with chairs set up all over to sit and knit at, and there was a very long table towards the back that was full of women sitting and knitting. The choices here were abundant, and I finally found some Cascade 220 Superwash. I had a great time shopping in southern California for yarn. Everyone I met was so nice, and it made me miss my former local yarn shop.

piles of yarn

I tried to get a picture to capture just how spoiled I am, but even still, the picture just doesn’t show it all! There is a lot of yarn buried in that pile. Oh, and…I fell in love with Malabrigo. I walked out of Twist with 6 skeins of it! It is sooo soft. You can see the brown and blue skeins peeking through. They are for a hat for my husband:) We are going to have matching hats for our numerous snowboard outings this upcoming winter. Well…mine will be pink and other colors…:) Oh, and I was also hoping to find some Zauberball (Dana actually picked out the green one), and I think it is kind of funny that I can’t find that yarn anywhere here in Germany. It is a german yarn company. What the heck? If I could find it here, I bet it would be 1/2 the price I paid for it in California.



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One Response to spoiled rotten

  1. suddenexpression says:

    I need to come over in roll in your pile of yarn! I want some of that zauberball so badly! Been looking for some in Germany (and found out about new yarn shops we need to check out!). And I’m so glad you are in love with Malabrigo now!

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