a case of the thursdays?

not much time to blog lately, lots of school work to do. we are going on a mini-vacation to a huge nerd convention in anaheim, california, next week, also known as BlizzCon. my husband supports my obsession with yarn and i fully support his obsession with video games. apparently Diablo 3 is something that a million or more people are desperately waiting to play and hear more news about, the primary reason my nerd man wants to attend this convention. so what is in this for me? well…a day to shop the area’s local yarn shops! but before i can put together a do-able list of shops to visit and patterns i’m hoping to find yarn for, i need to get ahead as much as possible with school stuff. ugh. so that is what i’ve been concentrating on. i have been knitting a little here and there though. in fact, the gift for basement man, has changed from this (scroll down a bit), to this:

take II for basement man

any idea why i may have come to my senses in trying to knit a 6 foot plus tall man a scarf out of sock yarn??? yeah, i don’t know what i was thinking. except that i bought the yarn because hello, i’m here…and it seemed cool. but then i was trying to decide what to make with it. the shop had a scarf made out of it using 1×1 ribbing, but i wanted something more interesting to knit. but i didn’t want it to suck the entire next 2 months out of my life.

obvious right?

so…here is a visual of why i switched it up. the red is the new yarn. the gold is the old yarn. the new yarn is Schachenmayr nomotta Boston, in red, black, and gold. weight? super bulky. i’m still not 100% sold on the pattern i chose, 2 Row Reversible Scarf by Jen Reilly, but we’ll see. the pattern itself is great, i’m just not 100% sure it looks manly enough? what you see in the above picture took a total of a few hours. if. in fact, the same amount of time i spent on the original scarf. sad right? i’ve also cast on the 2nd cauchy sock, just barely though. not worthy of a picture. and then…when i shopping for the bulky yarn for the above mentioned scarf i stopped in another shop just to make sure they didn’t have something “better”. and i didn’t want to leave without buying something because 1) the owner is really nice and we manage to get by on a small amount of german and english between the two of us (actually, this goes for every shop i’ve been in here in Germany), and 2) i just felt bad looking and not buying at least one skein of yarn. of course, i have a true obsession, and this place is loaded with regia sock yarn. which i’m not really a huge fan of, but it is not bad yarn. i’m just not always into the coloring of the stuff. so, i ended up getting some Regia silk shine sock yarn, which was hiding behind other yarns. it feels nice and squishy, and i got 2 skeins (195 meters in each), in a burgundy color.

plain jane sox

of course after i found that, the owner showed me the newest? display of regia astro sock yarn. and she was so nice so i couldn’t NOT buy anything…so i picked a color scheme i liked, and cast on later that day for a pair knitmore girls vanilla socks (the pattern is available on their blog site). p.s the amount of work done on this sock is a direct result of being sick most of the weekend and then some 😦

one more thing, before i get back to the grind, remember the blanket i made that i didn’t really like and wasn’t sure who, if anyone would be receiving it? well…someone here has pretty much claimed it. actually, this picture was taken a few days ago, and if i had been on my game, i could’ve gotten a good picture of this guy and my nerd man cuddled up with it just last night. i guess it is staying put, since there are two beings in this house that seem to be enjoying it.

cujo, all tuckered out after a hard day


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8 Responses to a case of the thursdays?

  1. sillyfru says:

    OMG!! BlizzCon?!!!!!

    I am sooo jealous!! Have a blast!!!!

  2. suddenexpression says:

    I like the new scarf in the new yarn. are you switching colors? It looks like it since I see seams. I think the pattern is manly enough and actually I really like it! So you went yarn shopping without me I see. Berglengfeld I’m guessing! Still need to check out that one thats there! And I need new KnitPro needles.

  3. Dina says:

    Love the sock! I think the scarf is manly enough. I bet you are glad you switched yarns though. That would have taken forever.

  4. Rowe says:

    Love that regia sock yarn. The colour is amazing!

  5. Denise says:

    I know what you mean by not wanting to just leave a yarn store and not buy something. It almost feels rude when the owner’s are such nice ladies. Love the sock. Pets are great about loving our handmades for us.

  6. Anastacia says:

    I think the scarf is plenty manly enough! I know what you mean though, those guy knits are hard sometimes.

  7. Kenoshia says:

    The scarf looks great! It should go by much quicker with the new yarn.
    I totally understand how you’d feel bad for leaving a yarn store empty-handed when the owners are so nice. I feel that way, too, but my empty college student pockets force me to get over it 😛 Your puppy is so cute!!

  8. pip says:

    … isn’t little cujo sweet ^..^ It’s obviously a very cosy blanket 🙂

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