dangerous color

image titlei can’t believe it is thursday already! this week is going by sooo fast. i have been wanting to put some pink color in my hair for about, 8 years now. and i was never able to because of my job. but now i’m a student, and so, no one is the boss of me, i run with 12 gangs. oops, sorry for the south park reference…anyhow, as of last july i no longer need to worry about regulations and not being able to wear what i wanted or pierce what i wanted or color whatever i wanted.

so last july i decided i was going to get some Pink in my hair. but when i went to get it done (by someone other than my usual guy), the chick told me she didn’t think it was my style. i wasn’t sure how to take that. so i just went with normal blond highlights. even though i had been looking forward to the “pink hair day” for a long long time. fast forward to last may. i had some pale pink extensions put in to see how i liked it. i loved the color, it wasn’t too much, and it was still noticeable. but i didn’t like the extension piece. the plastic thing in my hair got in the way every time i washed or brushed my hair. and apparently pink isn’t that popular here so the local salon doesn’t stock it. so i conceded to a coppery red, and went in today to take the plunge. now, some people are afraid of color. and i used to be one of those people. but now i’m so not afraid it could be dangerous. like, orange construction cone dangerous. yeah. the coppery red turned out to be more of an orange on my light brown/blond hair. i know it is just hair and it will grow out. but i was so looking forward to something cool and different. i am wondering how many people are going to ask me, did you do that for halloween? so that was my morning. and then the bitch of statistics homework.

tea and chocolates!

so now i’m going to share the 3rd package from my swap partner, Susie. I love tea, as I mentioned yesterday. And these pink candies are yummy strawberry (i think!) flavored chocolates. i tried one and was like, oh, i need another. i had to force myself not to eat the entire bag in one sitting. they are yummy. and i can’t wait to try the tea! thanks again to my lovely swap partner:) and one more thing on the swap front! my partner, Mags, received her package and is blogging about it here🙂

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2 Responses to dangerous color

  1. pip says:

    who said pink wasn’t your style? yes it is!

  2. Paula says:

    I’m so bummed that I didn’t start blogging in time to get in on that swap — everyone looks like they’re having so much fun! And really, it’s pretty mean to describe one’s hair color as “orange construction cone” and not post any pics. Just saying… 🙂

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