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The other day I mentioned the blog swap here. The package that was sent to me arrived today! I’m so excited to show off my loot! I was really hoping my secret pal would receive her package today…I am anxiously waiting. The postman told me 2-days on Friday…Susie99 had me, and boy! She packed a lot of super cool stuff into an envelope for me!

blog swap goodies!

A small bit of background on this swap. Eskimimi set it up on Ravelry in the Blog Hub Group, and I’m so happy she did!! We all answered a questionnaire at the beginning of the swap, then Eskimimi paired people up, but, who you were sending a package to is not who you would be receiving a package from:) Using the answers on the questionnaire as a guideline and reading your secret pal’s blog, stalking their projects, queues, favorites, etc. on Ravelry was part of the process to determine 7 gifts to send to them that they would enjoy. One for each day of the week, that they could then blog about for a week. So each day, I’ll blog about something different I received:) I completely intended to open up the packages one day at a time when this began, but due to a lack of patience on my part, I ended up opening everything! The first package I opened contained these:)


The one all the way to the left looks shimmery like a sea shell, and the ones all the way to the right are clear and glittery! I love both of these styles:) There are also what look like really huge silver sequin thingys (they are in the bag labeled John Lewis) that I’m sure I’ll find a use for:) maybe they will be Christmas Ornaments on my Christmas Cards this year:) And then…I realized, that the shimmery sea shell button also looks like this:

reverse side

So I have two different looks in one:) How cool is that? Also, I have only found 2 shops that are kind of nearby that sell buttons! So these are the beginning of my collection. I can’t wait to knit some items to use them on. There are many other wonderful goodies, but I am going to write about one package at a time. This was so much more fun than I anticipated. I have also added several more blogs to my reading list as a result of this swap alone. I linked to Susie99 and Eskimimi above, go take a look for yourselves:) Now I must get back to reading understanding struggling through my most favorite class of all, ever, in the entire universe. Yep, you guessed it, Business Statistics, Wha-CHOW!

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3 Responses to good stuff!

  1. pip says:

    what lovely gifts… I love the reversible shell button… and the photos 🙂

  2. AC says:

    Ohhhh I love buttons! Lucky!

  3. deedlelu says:

    How fun, hopefully there will be another swap, I would love to join! Love those buttons.

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