post office woes

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I’m part of a blog swap happening on Ravelry, in the Blog Hub Group. Laura talked me into joining this swap, as I had JUST started this blog when it was announced. I had a lot of fun finding all of the items inside these bags:) I used every last second I had to

goodies for secret blog swap partner

get this into the mail. There are some special items in there that didn’t come from a store, plus I have a fear of the post office. Or I should say, I have a desire to avoid a certain post office worker here on the military post. However, today when I went in to send this box out, the person that I usually dread dealing with, was Nice to me! I couldn’t believe it! As I was basking in the friendly atmosphere, another clerk was figuring up the total for this package. When she told me my jaw literally dropped. I have sent my fair share of packages, and I have never spent the dollar figure she quoted me on something that weighed 6, yes 6 pounds. I’ve been deployed and had to send myself foot-lockers full of necessary items that I didn’t want to lug around, which was still not as expensive as the price the clerk quoted me. Feeling like I should take advantage of the other clerk who was actually being friendly, I asked her if she knew if I’d get a better rate if I used the German Post Office system. She said she didn’t really know, but that she’s heard other people have used it with no complaints. I decided to give it a shot. The closest town has a post office that is only open from 9-10 a.m in the morning. This is according to the hair lady I stopped in to see (I was planning on going there anyway, and when I couldn’t find the post office I figured she could tell where I was going wrong, since my GPS kept telling me that it was Right There On My Right (when it wasn’t)). Anyhow, I ended up driving to another town, 15 minutes away, and that post office was closed from 12-2. It was 12:10. Now, usually when I have a day that starts to go like this, I kinda give up, and start over the next day. But that was not a possibility today. This package needed to get in the mail today at the very latest. Procrastination can sometimes be my middle name. But I’ve gotten much better lately. However, I have had a lot of things to juggle lately, but I planned on getting this mailed out last week. But when that didn’t happen (due to a certain thing being difficult to get right), I knew that I would get it out today. So, it is 12:10, and I’m sitting in my car thinking, now what? Do I go back to the military post and pay the insane amount that is even more than my limit of the actual items in the swap? Do I go home and take a nap and come back at 2? (I was up at 3:30 am this morning because I couldn’t sleep!) Do I go home and do some homework, and then come back at 2?

mail receipt!

I ended up going home, getting on the wonderful internet, researching how much the german postal service was going to charge me, found out it was Significantly less!, looked up all the nearest post offices, found one that was going to open back up at 1:30, and smiled. It was all going to be OK. I had about an hour to kill and I knocked out some homework. But I may have to re-do some of it because my brain is tired. Here is what I got for dropping off my package successfully, with an estimated arrival date of Tuesday, September 28th! I’m very excited for my partner to receive this package!

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6 Responses to post office woes

  1. Paula says:

    Wow – your swap partner is such a lucky duck! I started blogging about 5 minutes too late to join, and have been having fun following along in everyone’s posts. I’ll get in on the next one, for sure!

  2. suddenexpression says:

    You and your issues with the postal service here. My box cost me close to nothing. So I don’t know why yours was crazy. Were they trying to do next day? You shoulda asked the the Really Hot Guy!

  3. pip says:

    … your presents look fabulous! … and they could be coming in my direction… possibly… *crosses fingers 🙂

  4. accountantgrrl says:

    I know what you mean about mean postal workers.

    I had to mail off a package to my niece over in Germany via the APO. Fortunately, hubby and I filled out the customs form at home but the lady at my post office gave me SUCH attitude for not having the customs form already in the see-through envelope to be attached to the package. I mean how much effort would it have taken her to do the damn thing herself? UGH!

    • atangledyarn says:

      yeah, that is strange. i heard the “mean one” grilling a guy about what exactly was in his package, even though he’d already labeled the customs form. like, it was seriously sounding like a cross-examination from where i was standing!

  5. ewenique says:

    jeez! that sounds like a whole lotta hassle. do you go through this every time or just when mailing packages? in general, the post office run is a nightmare but having to deal with horrid people is just the pits.

    i hope your swap packages make everything better 🙂

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