knitting book review!

Lately I haven’t had time to do much blogging. However, I have turned in a homework assignment and I’m waiting on the grade/critique. The one good thing about my Business Statistics class is that we get 3 tries at completing our assigned problem correctly. Last week I struggled, set my book aside for 2 days, and then realized that if I didn’t hurry up and at least try, then I wouldn’t have enough time to correct my assignment and still get credit before the week was up. So, this week, I turned in my attempt this morning, and I’m patiently waiting for bad news. While waiting, I checked the mail and whoo hoo! I received a book that I had pre-ordered from, modern top-down knitting, by Kristina McGowan. I just opened it and I love it! There are 26 projects and I have highlighted 11 that I would like to make for either myself or someone else. That is pretty impressive! But also! There are 3 tutorials in the beginning of the book: Provisional Cast-On, Short-Row Basics, and Set-In, Seamless, Top-Down Sleeves. What struck me right away was the Provisional Cast-On tutorial. I’m still making the Haruni for my Nana, but getting started took me a few tries. I read a few different instructions, I looked in a few books, I even watched a few youtube videos to try and get the hang of it. I would have been fine with just this book if it had been available at the time. I’m excited now to use the Provisional Cast-On. Also, I’ve used Short-Rows before when making socks, and even once on a scarf (Sunday Scarf by Carol Sunday). But again, the directions in this book are so clear, and the pictures are very good, especially for teaching techniques. As far as set-in, seamless, top-down sleeves, well…I’ve never done that before and I’m excited to use this book to learn how. Then I flipped through and took a look at all 26!! patterns. There are a few dresses, a few tops, a few hats, a shawl, a belt, and two fingerless mitt patterns. The belt involves sewing, so I’m not sure I’ll attempt that, but it does look very cool. I’m very excited to make something from this book. I usually don’t purchase a knitting book unless there are at least 3-5 patterns that I really want to make in it, same for magazines. When I lived in Texas this was no problem. I spent a lot of time at Barnes & Noble or Borders Books. However, here in Germany the only books in English are at the small book store on post. And guess how many knitting books our local post has? Yep, NONE. The library has a few and you can request books from other military libraries located in Europe so that is nice. There is a post about an hour away that usually has at least 3-5 different knitting magazines and on average about 3 knitting books, so that is always exciting when we make the trip. But this book, I ordered without knowing what was inside, and I’m pleasantly surprised. All I knew when I ordered this was that I wanted to learn more about knitting sweaters from the top down. I’ve been listening to so many podcasts where the consensus seems to be that knitting a sweater from the top down ensures a better fit.


I can’t wait to knit something from this new book:) I also finished my super super secret project and I’ve knit a little bit on my Citron. OK, I started this last week when I got fed up with the super super secret. Here is where I’m at! I’m almost at the end of Section 4!! Also, I feel the need to add, when I first saw this pattern in Knitty, I wasn’t impressed with it. I mean, I’m not a shawl or shawlette person. I like to make them, but I have yet to see one I think I’d actually wear myself. But then my friend Laura started making one with this yummy yarn by the name of Malabrigo lace:) and…I fell in love with the yarn and the pattern! I am not using Malabrigo for this one, but I have a feeling I’ll get around to making one with Malabrigo soon enough.

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5 Responses to knitting book review!

  1. pip says:

    hey that book sounds great 🙂

  2. Omi Salavea says:

    This book sounds great, I’m definitely going to go check it out on Ravelry. I had a question, though there are some good tutorials you’ve described, would you recommend it for a “new” and possible “thick headed” knitter? I’ve bought a few how to/technique books, and I’m stills struggling to get certain concepts (even with the plethora of Youtubes out there)…I like having a book to learn, and I made my first sweater disaster “Top Down” from a Stefanie Japel book, so would this be a good book for me?

  3. Kari says:

    Oooh, now that is being added to my wishlist, pronto!

  4. Josie says:

    nice review. Alas! I am not a sweater person. In fact, I am mortally afraid to make anything that has to, I stick to shawls, scarfs and such! Came to your blog through the Blog Hub group in Ravelry. 🙂 and, I fell in love with citron the moment I saw it.. 🙂 Gosh! we have quite different tastes.. 🙂 and, I am totally jealous that you visited Wollmeise shop! someday, I wish to go there too! 🙂

  5. Sara says:

    I was already thisclose to buying the Modern Top Down knitting book and I think your review is the final push I need. I love the color of that Citron. Gorgeous!

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