when knitting ATTACKS…eleventy billion times…

super secret 🙂

Things that have gone wrong with current project:

1 – Knit using a needle size too big, so the item turned out a little too big as a result. However, salvaging this and holding off to make one more that matches for someone else as a gift.

2- Successfully made part one of project with a smaller needle. Yay!

3- Cast on to make part two of the project. And all hell broke loose.  I was right on track just doing my thing, when I realized that I was knitting the same thing as before. The item I’m making…there are two different parts. So…I had to rip back…about 6 rows. No biggie. Then I keep knitting along…go to try the item on right before setting it down for the night and crap…it is again wrong. Knit something left wise when it needed to be right wise. This resulted in ripping out 36 rows. With cables. Frustration began to set in. Took a deep breath the next day and got back on track. Until I put part of the item on a stitch holder. Upon doing so, I noticed one of my cables was going to the left when it needed to go to the right. The 4 stitch cable was on the edge of the knitting (in the round). I tried to fix it without ripping it out. No such luck. I just made a huge mess. I’ve finally sat down with it one more time and I’m hoping that it all works out this time. It has been a frustrating ride! I am also trying desperately to not give in to a) purchasing some malibrigo lace (I am lusting after about 5 different colors!), and b) telling myself not to give in to casting on something new. I have a feeling if I give in to THAT temptation…it may be very hard to pick my secret project back up. And I need to get the secret project in the mail pronto! Another reason all of these setbacks have been Stressing Me Out! And I’m stubborn. I keep telling myself not to give up on it. But one more major setback…and I just don’t know…wish me luck! This project, combined with major major amounts of reading and studying and doing homework has led to a busy week with not much time to blog. Plus, if I had blogged earlier in the week, it most likely would have been something along these lines:  F*ck, Sh*t, why am I making so many mistakes??? WTF? Come on!!! SERIOUSLY??? Are YOU F’ing KIDDING ME? Yeah…not much creativity with all of that now is there? 🙂 Happy Knitting!!

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2 Responses to when knitting ATTACKS…eleventy billion times…

  1. pip says:

    best of luck :)…. and the emerald blue is beautiful!

  2. suddenexpression says:

    haha, hope your super secret get finished soon, with no more setbacks!! And you KNOW you want buy some Malabrigo lace and cast on a Citron!! 🙂 I’m almost done with mine!

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