scrabble yarn school, that’d be fun right?

school starts back up tomorrow. i’m excited and nervous at the same time. i have really enjoyed my summer break, even though i didn’t accomplish as much as i had intended knitting wise. now, i will have to focus more time and energy on statistics and accounting. my semester is 10 weeks long, and the next one will start right up just as this one is ending. i’m still not sure what i’ll be taking at that time, but for now, i just hope to successfully get through this semester! i was lucky to have been able to take most of my classes in a face to face environment over the past 10 years. however, now i am kind of isolated in a way, and the classes i need are only available online, and they are all upper level classes. i’ve taken plenty of literature, writing, and basic computer classes online. statistics and accounting though? i have a feeling i’m in for a lot more work than i’m used to. which means there will be less time for yarn fun. that being said, i feel like today is kind of my last vacation day for a while and i should be making the most of it! needless to say, it is almost time to make dinner and i’ve knit for a total of approximately one hour today. see, before i was able to knit i had to beat the pants off my husband at scrabble. i’d say that i can only count on getting one or two games out of him a year. i think this may be the first game of scrabble we’ve played in 2010. it may have been the last…we shall see:) and just in case anyone is wondering, udon is totally a word whereas welf, spiney, and emory are not.

never ending circle of boredom

we are also getting caught up with the last and final season of lost, so i needed something easy to knit while watching the show. i decided to work on my circle blanket, which is actually a pattern from Lion Brand called Centerpiece Treasure Afghan #60135AD. I ordered this as a kit in November 2008. Yeah, I’ve been dreading it. I didn’t realize that I don’t really care for this yarn too much…mostly because the yarn has these little tweedy pieces in it that make my hands itch like CRAZY…so how am I ever going to actually curl up with this blanket? also, the pattern is pretty boring for my taste. i originally purchased this with the intent of giving it to my sister. but it seems that i have done that with a lot of projects. and seeing how i made a baby blanket out of some bamboo yarn for her last summer, i feel weird giving her a possibly itchy blanket. maybe this won’t feel too itchy when i’m done with it?? i’ve also been working on my Central Park Hoodie, and I’m up to the armholes on the back! yippee! hopefully I will be able to pace myself with homework and housework and still get plenty of knitting time in 🙂 so far class hasn’t even started, and i spent about 3 hours doing school stuff today! i’m still working on the super super secret as well, which kind of needs to be done a lot sooner than anything else. i also subscribed to Interweave Knits since we don’t get any knitting magazines here locally, and have to drive an hour for a chance at one in english. i seriously can’t wait to be able to cast on for Leyfi! what a beautiful sweater! i am going to have to come up with some type of reward system for knit time, and being able to cast on a new project! 🙂 but first i need to find a suitable yarn for Leyfi. s. charles collezione tinka yarn is what the designer used, along with filatura di crosa superior yarn. from my trip to venice, i have some of the filatura di crosa superior yarn already. but i only have enough of it in 3 colors, none of which go with any of the available choices of the tinka yarn, at least not the ones listed on the WEBS site. so i’m trying to find a good substitute and any help would be greatly appreciated:)

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5 Responses to scrabble yarn school, that’d be fun right?

  1. suddenexpression says:

    I read your post on Rav. Malabrigo Worsted is a single ply worsted weight yarn. And you know you want an excuse to order malabrigo 🙂 Overall though worsted is worsted. Same weight, whether it is 4-ply or single ply.

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve been thinking about Leyfi, too. Such a gorgeous pattern. Be sure to post what yarn you decide to use. I’m wondering about substitutes, too!

  3. deedlelu says:

    too bad about the itchy blanket. Nothing worse than working on a big project to then realize that you can’t enjoy it because the yarn is subpar. Perhaps you can use it as a throw at the foot of the bed? I like the color combination though.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your central park hoodie, I think that might be one of my winter projects this year.

  4. dana says:

    oooh, big bad wifey beats the pants off her hubby. That Udon word is pretty unfair, I think. Oh well, I still got nerdcraft and metroid to keep me occupied whilst you knit it up. Much-O Love-O

  5. WorstedKnitt says:

    Good luck with school! I hope the blanket doesn’t end up too scratchy. Also looking forward to seeing the Central Park hoodie!

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