socks of doom…

Today being Wednesday, Tami has a theme going and I decided to join in. Work in Progress Wednesdays. The idea is for everyone to share what they are working on every Wednesday, and if you check out the link above, you can see a bunch of other people blogging about what they are working on today as well. Pretty cool idea if you ask me. So, here goes. I was determined to finish up at least 10 of my previously started projects by the 31st of August. I realized last week that with Sackboy complete, I had finished 9 projects! I have been simultaneously working on a few others as well, and I felt that it was not too far fetched to finish up my Jaywalker socks.

jaywalkers of dooooom

Well…these socks have been very frustrating for me! First off, the pattern is wonderful, and very easy to memorize, and not too boring that you get sick of it, and it looks cool as you are working on it. So, it has nothing to do with the pattern. It does however have everything to do with the fact that my husband’s feet and this pattern DO NOT MIX. Well, they don’t mix until lots and lots and lots of modifications! I started out making these for him on March 29, 2010. Yeah, that was a while back right? When I was making the first sock, I had a few sizing issues, and finally just decided that this would be a pair of socks for me because I was getting frustrated trying to make them fit him perfectly. But he really likes these socks! Shocker. He likes the way the colors flow. I picked this yarn specifically for him. So…last week I decided that I would figure it out one way or the other and make these fit him. Yeah, I thought I could somehow make a perfectly fitting sock and then make another one to match before August 31st. I was wrong. Not only did I say this was the final time I was going to attempt this feat, but since saying that on approximately the 16th of August, I have indeed modified these about 4 additional times. And I have made him try them on repeatedly. I thought I had it figured out but no, they just seem too loose around the sole. I have to rip out the portion of the foot I’ve worked and the heel, and re-do that entire part on a different size needle. The good news is that I’m 100% sure that this one sock will fit him. The bad news is that I’m not sure what universe that will happen in. Oh, and neither will be happening by next Monday 😦 But…that is what is on my needles this Wednesday. Oh, and a little something that is a super secret as well. Here is a taste.

super secret 🙂

I can’t reveal what this is yet, but I hope it finds a happy and welcoming home here shortly:)

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8 Responses to socks of doom…

  1. suddenexpression says:

    Secrets? What’s with the secrets?! Are you holding out on me? Good luck with your jaywalkers. I think it’s funny that we are both doing them in some type of green!

  2. Tami says:

    LOL, sock of DOOOOM. That makes me think of Invader Zim. Anyway, love the socks of doom so far, even if they are frustrating. You have me excited to see what your secret project is going to be! The color is so bright/vibrant!

  3. Fiolinn says:

    Hang in there with the jaywalkers! 🙂 I love that yarn- and I can really understand your husband wanting them socks.. (Mine never gets handknitted socks. Hm. ) Your super secret secret looks pretty! can’t wait to see what it’ll be 🙂

  4. pip says:

    yep… I’m hoping on the parallel universe thing myself 😉

  5. Dina says:

    I am officially a confirmed member of the one sock club. Love the green.

  6. Oooh….I love the color of the super secret. Can’t wait to see what it is!

  7. paula says:

    Well, the jaywalkers don’t *look* like you’ve fiddled them to death — they look fantastic! I love that you have a husband who’ll wear them. BF keeps his socks confined to what I affectionately call “shades of concrete” 🙂

  8. deedlelu says:

    The problem with jaywalkers is that they don’t have much stretch. I made a couple pairs and they are always tight to get over my heel, but if I knit them bigger they seem too loose. No win situation, but they are cute socks!

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