WIPs Vs. FOs

Frequently I feel like making something in particular, and lucky me…I have a gazillion WIPs from which to choose. Problem is…I keep adding to the WIPs, but not necessarily to the FOs. In my last post I mentioned the SOFO group on ravelry that I joined back in May, and in addition to committing to not purchasing any yarn (which I totally failed at), another one of my goals is to finish as many projects as possible. I made a deal with myself that for every 5 projects I finished, I could start a new project. I’ve done well with that so far. I’ve finished 6 projects since June (some of them had been sitting on the needles for a year!) and I’ve only started one “new” project.

One of my FOs, Kindle Sleeve

But…I have about 3 other projects I’d like to start right now, and I’m working on 4 projects at the moment. Along with my goal to finish up my WIPs, I also decided to go through my project list on ravelry and decide what needed to be frogged, or re-evaluated. I wanted to re-evaluate why a project was still a WIP. The first thing I concentrated on was my Riding to Avalon Hoodie. This is a project that I started approximately 2 years ago, when I first started knitting. I didn’t understand about yarn weight too much…and I ended up with 13 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Tweed. It was on sale for about $3.50 a ball, so I went with it. I made the body of Riding to Avalon in about a month, working on it here and there. When it came time to do the sleeves, I just didn’t like the way they were coming out. I tried a few different ways and still I just didn’t like them. So the project sat for a while. Last summer I picked it back up and knit the sleeves in a plain stockinette stitch, and I still didn’t like it, so again, it sat. I had already blocked the body, and it was looking like a huge square. So, finally I decided maybe this yarn would be better suited for another pattern. See, the Riding to Avalon calls for a dk weight, and I was using a worsted weight. I didn’t really understand too much about that at the time. When I finally “got it”, I searched on Ravelry and found the Central Park Hoodie. I’m extremely happy with how it is turning out. So this is one of my projects that I have re-engineered. I also learned something new yesterday.

Another FO, baby blanket for my niece

Tinking downwards. For the Central Park Hoodie, there is a series of ribbing here and there, and I noticed I had knit where I should have purled about 8 rows down. I figured out how to drop the stitch down to where I had messed it up, and using a crochet hook, I turned the knit into a purl. I was pretty happy with myself. I used this book as a reference: The Knitting Answer Book.

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6 Responses to WIPs Vs. FOs

  1. Dani Draper says:

    I just found your blog through WordPress, looking under the tag ‘knitting!’ I am just recently branching out into things other than scarves and dish clothes, but I’ve become so obsessed at one time, I have already started 5 projects in the last few weeks! It’s all in prep for Christmas but I just can’t stop!

    I’m midgetontheedge on Ravelry! ;D

  2. suddenexpression says:

    Hey lady! Good job on your dedication to your rav group! I don’t think I could do that! Great pictures, and I can’t wait to see the new hoodie!

  3. dana says:

    wow….just wow. I never would have thought that you would admit to having so many projects at one time. I always wondered about that. I must have like 4 or 5 socks (WIPs) from you right?….Right?

  4. Tammy says:

    I love that baby blanket!!!!!!! Beautiful job!

  5. mia says:

    I can’t say I have more wips than fos, since I’ve been crocheting for a really long time, but I do have a tendency towards multiple wips at any one time. Usually I have one for working on at home and one portable, in addition to others languishing in the basket waiting for me to just get off my bum and finish them. I only have three active right now, but I have way more ideas waiting to be yarned up.

    Not enough time, and not enough hands. If only I could work on more than one thing at a time . . .

    –mihrimah from Rav

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